Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The TV is broken.

I can't tell you how many times in the month that I've lived here that I've heard the words:

Kenna The tv is broken!

The TV is NOT broken. We have FIOS now because I HATE HATE HATE the cable company with a passion and I needed internet and phone too and $99 a month for all of them is a deal. So I switched gran to fios.

There was one unexpected negative.

FIOS requires a box. And a remote with all kinds of funny buttons. But it's the box that is the problem.

See the box has a yellow light on it, and a digital read out of the time. NOT a big deal except that it means that it USES ELECTRICITY. And we must unplug EVERYTHING that has an indicator light.

Which means that she unplugs the box. EVERY NIGHT. We fixed that by putting the ever present and oh so versatile electrical tape over the time and the indicator light. Now all gran has to do is push the power button on the tv and VIOLA it goes on (and I leave it on channel seven because that's all she watches). Well.....insert new problem. When the tv goes on it says CH 3 because the TV itself must be on channel 3 for the cable to work.

Gran doesn't want to watch channel 3. She wants channel 7

So she pushes the channel up button. All the way to the 100s and then yells "Kenna the TV is broken!"
So I have to go in and put it on the correct channel.

I have come up with a solution. I turn the tv on first. Works most of the time.

But if she tells you the TV is broken.....now you know.....

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