Saturday, January 30, 2010

I thought the blog was dead.....

but I was wrong.

See....I'm still living with Lucy....but now that she's passed, I'm living with lucy's STUFF.

And gran had a shit load of stuff. She was too neat to be a hoarder, but every drawer, every closet, every cranny was packed with shit.

See this is where I get it from. But the difference was that it was MY shit before and now this is someone else's shit.

And I'm exhausted like I never have been before. So the thought of dealing with it makes me want to cry. Or nap. Or both. But who am I kidding. Most things make me want to nap. Or cry. *laughs* or hurl. That's the fun side effect of Jr Mint.

So its been just over a month and I've stayed pretty quiet, as it's hard for my family to come over and deal with her memories and such. But I am living in the old lady palace and really ready to make it my own. With a baby on the way and the idea that this is going to be MY house for the next couple of years or so (at least the next year and a half, but probably longer) I want to make it MINE.

Which means getting rid of grans stuff.

Which is shockingly hard for some members of the fam to deal with. The blinds in the den were old, sticky, dirty and a gummy plastic mess. They needed to be changed while gran was alive. It was one of my projects. One of the six sets (the den has 3 huge windows in it) was held in with SCOTCH tape. Not even duct tape or something merit worthy....nope, old yellowed brittle scotch tape. SO I ordered roman shades in white. I took down the flowered chinz curtains that were in there, and the yucky yellowed blinds and replaced them with plain white roman shades.

Holy shit.

You would have thought I committed a crime. I also replaced a few pictures with ones that I wanted up, replaced a few lamps and a rug.

One family members reaction was "What did you DO to the den"

Well.....I changed the window treatments. I also took out an aging air conditioner, and really made the den a storage area until the furniture is gone (there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever put my butt in the red chair. That is just yucky) and the stuff is going to go.

But somehow to some that is wrong.

Oy. So this morning I told my mom that I would like to have the giant estate sale by the middle of March. So I can start doing what I need to do to make the joint mine.

Seeing as how I'm supposed to be living here, it's time for me to LIVE here and not just live at grans house. I am an adult....I wanna live at Kenna's house.

And that does not include lace ANYTHING.

Nor does it include frilly curtains, flowers, newspaper cut outs stapled to the walls, or cloests full of 40 year old styrofoam plates and clocks that have different birds chirping on the hour.

For me it includes white curtains, simple roman shades and no table cloths....I'm really a pottery barn girl living in the victorian parlor....I'm starting to ITCH from all the lace!