Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I live with Harriet the Spy....senior version

So Gran is one of the nosiest people alive....and is CONSTANTLY spying on the neighbors. She lifts the edge of the curtain and peers out all the time. She hears a noise and runs to the window to peer out.

When I ask her what she's doing, she always answers the same:

"I'm lookin"

"Ok. You're lookin. At what?"

"The neighbors"

ummmmm Lucy....I hate to mention this, but you've lived here for 50 years. In the 32 years I've been alive the next door neighbor, the family across the street in the front, the family across the street on the side and the guy kitty corner on both sides have all lived there. The people behind gran moved in when I was about 12 and the ONLY new neighbor is across the street in the cul de sac....and they are never around. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?? I highly doubt Rita is going to go streaking across the street and we know Bert and Ernie's son (no freaking joke, the couple's names were bert and ernie!!) is as loony as a bird with that yard, but that's nothing exciting. Waiting for Carl to ride by on his bike, like he has been doing every day for the last 30 years? I live in a time warp....nothing ever changes in ole El Dorado Park South....

Heaven forbid if there is a loud noise outside. This morning, Gran, who normally uses a cane, or a broom, or your arm, or whatever she happens to be able to find to steady herself did a semi RUN to get out the front door to see what the noise was....I was laughing to see her little old self hustle to the gate to get it open to see what was going on. When I asked her what happened, she seemed almost disappointed that it was only a UPS truck.

I'm tellin ya Harriet....nothing ever happens in this 'hood....

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