Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gran that hairspray smells funny.....

Every Saturday gran goes to the hair helmet factory to get her shampoo set.

She's been going to the same lady, at the same salon, since I was probably 6 years old (that's as far back as I can remember, but who the heck knows, it was probably since I was a toddler) anyway, that's semi irrelevant to this particular story.

So the tradition is she goes to get her "hairs" done on Saturday so that on Sunday she's ready for church....I assume this is some sort of ritual left over from the dark ages before I was born, but whatever, it works for her. (Personally I find the idea of washing my hair only once a week kind of disturbing)

So during the week she "fixes" her hair herself....and on Wed she was getting ready for her weekly date with my cousin Rachelle for some action packed Bingo at Our Lady of Refuse, I mean Refuge and i was laying on the couch.

My mom came over earlier in the day and helped her get ready and then left, and because her memory isn't so great, she went into the bathroom a few more times to get ready before Rach comes. No biggie. I had come home earlier than normal because I had a wicked headache and was laying on the couch trying desperately to take a nap.

Then I hear gran fixing herself and spraying her hair (she LOVES aerosol hair spray) and I smell this funny smell that doesn't smell like hairspray. Then I think about it, the hair spray bottle sounds it's coming out at a VERY high velocity.

But I'm tired, and my head hurts so I don't think much of it, but it smells funny.

15 minutes later she goes in to "fix" herself again.

Same smell. This time I'm coughing up a lung.


GRAN what color is that hairspray bottle?


(Aqua net or final net or any of the cheap "net" hairsprays are not in pink cans)

GRAN DON"T use that "hairspray"

Why not?

oy vey. Gran. Please don't use that hairspray anymore. I will buy you some new spray.


Because gran. That's not hairspray. That's air freshener. Glade bathroom spray to be exact. I promise I will buy you some new hair spray.

Gran, please!

So I had to go in and confiscate Gran's "country garden" and replace it with some equally nasty hair spray.

Welcome to LucyLand!!

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