Saturday, October 3, 2009

Go to Bed!

Last night was a Friday night and I had had a long week, so it was my night to relax.

The dude has football on friday nights with his son, and so its MY night to do whatever the hell I want.

Last night I decided to start on the cutest darn quilt I've ever seen. It's called Merry Go Round and I'm making it with cherry fabric and I'm quite excited about it.
So I sew my strips together, and then iron them and start to cut them into the triangles I need. Gran was pretty quiet, sittin in her chair and watching tv, not much going on. Not really on patrol, not really doing much. By 11 I was back on the couch cutting my squares.

Gran must have been tired because she decided to go to bed. But for gran, the process is LONG. She checks every single door, every window, in the closet, the washing machine, then does it all again.

So it's about midnight and I'm still on the couch, still cutting and the tv is on.

Kenna I'm going to bed.

Goodnight gran!

She goes into her room.

(a bit of background. My couch is in the living room, directly perpendicular to the hallway. grans room is on the right wall at the end of the hall, and I can see the doorway clearly from where I sit on the couch)

(3 minutes later I hear the door open and her little head pop out.)

Goodnight Kenna. Check the doors before you go to bed.

Goodnight Gran. I will.

(a minute later the door opens again.)

Kenna, it's after midnight. Its time for you to go to bed.

Excuse me? What?

I said it's late. Go to bed.

That's what I thought you said. Goodnight gran.

The door closes and I think the conversation is over.

Oh no.

Door opens a third time.

Kenna what time is it out there (as if it's different from in there?)

It's 12:17 gran.

I thought so. Go to bed. It's late.

(i looked at her like she was nuts)

Gran, I'm 32. I don't have a bedtime anymore. Goodnight gran. I will go to bed when I'm READY.

seriously?? The old woman told me to go to bed? I know she thinks I'm 9, but this is a first!!!

she goes back in her room and opens the door again.
Little old lady head pops out and she looks at me.

Goodnight gran.


Welcome to Lucyland!!

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