Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's really weird looking coffee.....

Gran does not use a coffee pot. That is too complicated and makes too much coffee. She uses one of those plastic "one cup at a time" jobs from the grocery store and drinks decaf.

In my humble opinion decaf isn't coffee, it's brown water, but alas, that's what she drinks and she's happy with it and so we don't rock the boat. To each his/her own!

This morning I was doing one of my many chores and was cleaning the kitchen (it's imperative that I get it done because otherwise gran "cleans" (see previous post on cleaning) and we all know how gross THAT is.

So I'm happily washing the dishes when I look in grans cup and see a thick sludge, that is the color and texture of sand. Hummm....what have we here? So I think little of it and continue.

Then I grab the coffee dohickey that she uses to brew coffee. I look in it and there are fat brown pellets swelled up to the top.


this is really gross. They look like swollen dog food or hamster food....brown, icky pellets swollen twice their regular size.

I can't for the life of me figure out what it is in the coffee brewer with no filter, no nothing.

I decide to dump the whole mess out and the bottom is even worse. Then I realize exactly what is in the coffee maker.

Fiber One Cereal pellets. See, I started weight watchers and higher fiber=lower points so I have disgusting stuff like Fiber One in the house.

Why the hell is she using it as "coffee"?

Her jug of coffee is no where to be found. I finally locate it on top of the refrigerator, which is way taller than gran, so it makes perfect sense that she couldn't find it.

So in a pinch she used something else.

Fiber one is brown pellets.....


This makes no sense to me and I have no explanation, other than GROSS!!

But it does brew like coffee, in case you're ever out!

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