Friday, October 9, 2009

Gran is cleaning again.....

God save me.

Gran is cleaning again.

Now, I'm sure many of you are saying "why, Gran cleaning is a good thing."

um no. It's not.

When gran cleans, shit disappears and Kenna goes on the Easter egg hunt to find it.

She "emptied the trash" today and our can is one of those swanky metal cans that has a plastic removable inner liner. I put a bag in that plastic inner liner. Well gran took the trash out and I couldn't FIND the big trashcan size plastic inner liner. I looked in the kitchen. I looked in the back yard by the trash can. I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it. I was getting annoyed and you can't ask gran because she will tell you she didn't do it (seriously she's like a 3 year old) and so its pointless to ask her. So frustrated I was on the hunt. It was in the dining room, near the front door. Why? Who the hell knows.

How did I figure out that the trash can was dismembered? I went to throw something away and looked in said trash can, that's when I realized that she put trash in it, without the plastic liner and without a bag. So now there is trash on the floor (peas) and I have to clean it up, clean the plastic liner that gran managed to spill the trash into and put it all back together.

See where I'm going with this?

Gran "cleaned" the kitchen. First of all, gran does not use hot water, soap or a clean towel when she "does the dishes". She "wipes" them with a dirty rag or dirty paper towel or whatever she can find. GROSS. So when she "cleans" the kitchen I have to figure out what she's "washed" and take it out and put it in the dishwasher. Usually it's fairly easy, because she puts things in the wrong spots, but when she does silverware I end up putting everything in the drawer in the dishwasher. She just finished "cleaning" all her dishes from dinner before I could stop her (I normally rush the kitchen at almost a sprint when she is heading there with the dishes. I didn't make it tonight. She wanted to "clean" her kitchen).

Thank heavens my Nanny is coming up this weekend to help deal with her. She is a handful and my mom is out of town.

*sigh* Lucy is gettin to me.

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