Monday, September 28, 2009


Oy vey.

We have entered a new phase here in LucyLand.

Lucy has decided to clean.

My room.

My stuff.

Not her room, nor her stuff, nope, that would be too easy. She can't throw away the paper towels she cleans the counter with, nor can she clean up her chair, or throw away any of the newspapers she reads (simply so she knows what day it is)....nooo.....Gran decides to clean up MY stuff.

I come home the other day and gran has "cleaned" my room. She made my bed, folded my nightgown and "straightened" my dresser. Which means that I found the keys to my beetle in my underwear drawer and the mail in the dirty clothes basket....not to mention the dirty clothes that were in a pile to be washed folded on the foot of my bed.

Today I came home and gran "cleaned" my desk area. She unplugged my laptop and put my lap desk in the office, the computer under the side table, the magazines on the tv and the mail on the dining room mouse was hidden behind the tv, the thumb drive in the candy was like a flipping easter egg hunt.....can Kenna find the pieces to her laptop.....not to mention the pile of grading that she put on my sewing table....

I asked her to please please please not touch my stuff.

She said "I didn't touch anything"

Um Lucy...there are only two of us in this house. I didn't do it, which leaves....YOU.

Yes, gran you did.

No I didn't.

Ok Gran. Please, please don't clean up my stuff.

Soooo this week will find me at the Home Depot buying yet another lock....

Now, this can be seen in a positive light....this is the first time in at least a year that she's shown any interest in cleaning anything.

I just wish it wasn't my stuff!!!!

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