Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not my old lady.....

Right before school started I had quite the adventure!! Early one morning I was in the bathroom brushing my hair in my nightgown when I see three little old ladies in the back yard. I check the red chair and gran is sitting fairly quietly enjoying Good Morning America or some other jibberish that's on channel 7 early in the morning and I don't recognize these three old ladies.

One opens the back door and says "She lives here" and points to the oldest one.

Um, nope. She's not my old lady. My old lady is sittin right there in that red chair.

I politely say "No, I don't think so."

Then it dawns on me. This is Aunt Jo. Aunt Jo lives next door. They have a white gate too, and Aunt Jo is 93 and sometimes gets lost.

So I say "She's not mine, but I know where she lives." and I turn to Aunt Jo. "Aunt Jo did you get lost" and she smiles and says "Oh honey I couldn't get in the gate".

No biggie, we start walking out. Two old ladies out for their walk, one old lady with her cane and me in my nightgown with half of my hair brushed and the other half looking like a rats nest.

"Aunt Jo, where is Rae?" (Rae lives next door and takes care of aunt Jo)

"Oh she's on some island"

"Aunt Jo who is taking care of you"

"No one"

(this I don't believe)

I get Aunt Jo in the house, lock the gate and ask her if she needs anything.

"Oh no honey, I'm fine. Thank you dear" and she pats my hand.

The other two old ladies are outside tittering because Aunt Jo is alone and she shouldn't be and that's not good (mind you neither of them was on this side of 70) and what am I going to do about it.

Excuse me. She is not my old lady. My old lady is inside. I have kept tabs on my charge!!

Then a big SUV comes tearing around the corner.

Out pops a frazzled 30something woman in her jammies.

"Where is Aunt Jo?"

And so I tell her the story.

And we both laugh. Seems Aunt Jo is sweet to strangers but a feisty old bat to the family.

Ohhhh do I ever know how that goes.

Aunt Jo refused to leave with her mom, who was taking care of aunt jo and late for work. She (the daughter) was enlisted to go convince aunt jo to go. It took her 30 min.

Oh do I ever know how she feels.

But she's not my old lady!!

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