Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Open Close game

It's FINALLY summer time....and Gran and I have started the "Open Close" Game.

I open the windows, the doors, etc to get some light and some air into the dungeon that we live in. The house isn't really supposed to be that dark....however she has shades and curtains on every single window. And the shades are NEVER opened more than half mast. And the curtains NEVER open. EVER. So the house is like a dungeon.

Which is really really bad because Gran doesn't see that well.

It's even worse, becasue I'm sister mary freakin sunshine and like the light and the breeze.

Oh yeah, and the house smells musty and old because everything in it is old. Including the main occupant.

So we play the open close game. See, Gran goes on patrol and likes the place boarded up like Ft. Knox. I think she's afraid someone is going to come in and steal something (not sure what!) but anyway, she closes and locks every door, every window, every crevice....ALL THE TIME.

She goes on patrol at LEAST 3 times a day. So last night it was HOT in the house as I hadn't gotten home early. But see, it was also dark. Dark=scary=the whole house has to be locked down as if there was a red alert at the airport.

So I open the door. She walks in the living room and YELLS at me that it's DARK outside and the door needs to be SHUT and LOCKED. No matter that there is a security door on the front door that is SHUT AND LOCKED. NOPE! The door must be locked. Ok fine. I'll shut the door, but I'll open the window.

She goes on Patrol and closes it.

I go behind her and open it.

She goes on patrol again.

See a pattern here?

Oh yes, this is EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. At LEAST twice. Sometimes as many as six times.

Summer just started 9 days ago.

It's going to be a LONG season.

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