Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going for a ride?

Gran is obsessed with leaves.

The ones on the front lawn drive her nuts. Any leaf drives her nuts. The upside? She gets here exercise by going out and sweeping the lawn. Every day, twice a day, rain or shine she's out there with her broom sweeping away.

The other morning my cousin called to ask gran to get ready for church. She was of course in the yard, so I answered the phone, then had to go find her and get her in the house. So I go outside in my nightgown, hair sticking up in 10 different directions and my flip flops on (it was sunday, my ONLY day to sleep in, and 9am is EARLY for me).

Gran has lived in the same house for 50 years. AND the neighbors have lived there nearly as long. So they have all known me since I was a kid. This is good, and bad. The good is that the neighbors are friendly and they are all happy someone responsible is living there.

The bad? They think it's funny to pick on me.

So as I'm standing there trying to coax a stubborn 90 year old into the house to get dressed, she hands me the broom and tells me to finish sweeping.

Yeah right.

So I stand there holding the broom and she looks at me and says "Well, aren't you going to sweep?" So, being the good grandaughter that I am, I pretend. Long enough for her to turn around and go in the house.

And the neighbor, Neil, who watched the whole ordeal looks at me standing on the curb with the broom and says "Going for a ride?" And then laughs.

Welcome to my new world.

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