Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pineapple pie

Gran loves Pineapple pie. I think it's gross, but gran LOVES it. That works for me as I'm trying to lose weight, and so I try not to keep the stuff that i love in the house. It reduces temptation, and the desire to snack and eat all those things i'm not supposed to eat.

My mom normally buys her pineapple pies when they are on clearence at Ralphs, and that's fine because they don't last long at all.

Gran eats pineapple pie for breakfast, she eats pineapple pie for a snack, she eats it for dessert and in two days *poof* the whole pie is gone.

So Tuesday night gran had dinner as normal, I fed her before I left for my errands....she had a pretty big dinner too. When I left there was just slightly more than 2/3 of a pie.

I came back and there was about half a pie left and there was a sticky plate by her chair and so I knew she had eaten dessert.

9pm gran is wandering in the kitchen. She takes a knife, cuts a sliver of pineapple pie and eats it on her way to the sink. She washes her hands, dries them on the towel and turns around to leave the kitchen.

She spies the pie and gets waylaid.

She cuts another sliver of pineapple pie and eats it, goes to the sink and washes her sticky fingers, wipes down the counter and turns to leave the kitchen.

You guessed it. She spied the pie a third time. She walks over to the pie (I am watching this highly amused) cuts a slightly larger piece this time, puts it in her palm, grabs a napkin for cleaning purposes, takes a big ole bite and then opens the fridge.

She ponders for a moment.

I think she's going for the milk. However, I just bought a new gallon and the gallons are a bit hard for her to hold and swill from.

Oh no. She grabs the non-dairy creamer. lifts the carton to her lips and swigs.

I looked on in horror.


She puts the carton down.


What do you mean so?? I have to use that too! GROSS. Gran that is gross.

She tells me to go to hell.


Yup, we are back to that!

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